With the growing interest behind The Prototyp's Player Rankings, it goes without saying that many questions surrounding the ranking system have arisen. In February, and later updated in March and June, we have documented a breakdown of How the 2022 Positional Rankings are Determined in order to answer some of the questions as they relate to subjectivity and consistency. The aforementioned article breaks down the five key sections (Metric, Film Analysis, Relative Scholarship Offers, Total Scholarship Offers, & Bonuses) used in our algorithms to produce the results.

Today, we will further breakdown those results as they relate to the Diamond System, Overall Score, and Film Grade/Analysis.

a) Diamond System
The Diamond System is used in a similar fashion to the Star Systems that the larger platforms use in order to categorize prospects based on their overall skill/talent levels. In an effort to be slightly different, The Prototyp has adopted the diamond shape as the means in which prospects are differentiated.

Like the Star Systems, prospects are able to obtain anywhere from zero to five diamonds, with five being the maximum and denoting the elite prospects in the class. The number of diamonds granted to an individual prospect is determined by the summation of points from said prospects metrics, film analysis, scholarship offers, and bonuses. The corresponding point total ultimately equates to a particular amount of diamonds.

Overall, the Diamond System is a visualization associated with a prospect in order for visitors to quickly assess their abilities.

b) Overall Score
The Overall Score is a numerical representation of the Diamond System and ranges from 49 to 100, with 100 being the maximum and denoting the best prospects at a given position. Simply put, this is another way to differentiate prospects, especially those with the same diamond totals, and derives from same metrics that determine a prospects total number of diamonds.

c) Film Grade/Analysis
As previously stated in our February article (linked above), the film analysis is simply a subjective evaluation of an athlete's highlight reel and is scored on an A+ to F scale. Furthermore, each athlete is evaluated based on their primary position of play with a set of guidelines used by the evaluator in order to remain consistent.

The Film Analysis is orchestrated from film representing an individual prospect's most recent season of highlights. The evaluator then uses the following Grading System to ultimately score the film in question.

• High A+ (Extraordinary)
• Mid A+ (Elite)
• Low A+ (Excellent)
• High A (Outstanding)
• Mid A (Great)
• Low A (Very Good)
• High A- (Above Average)
• Mid A- (Good)
• Low A- (Average)
• High B+ (Adequate/Okay)
• Mid B+ (Below Average)
• Low B+ & Lower (Fair)

So What Does it All Mean?
With the well-known ranking systems, the rankings are used in order to determine a players potential and where the recruiting service projects a player being drafted in the NFL Draft. For example, the highest ranked player from a particular class is viewed as a likely top draft pick and those with 5-Stars are players likely to be first round draft picks.

At The Prototyp, we focus our rankings differently. Though potential is taken into consideration when evaluating film, our rankings represent a snapshot of how prospects compare to one another at this point in time, hence, film analysis and scholarship offers representing a large portion of a prospect's rank.

If a prospect begins as a 2-Diamond ranking, that does not mean that player will stay there. As the player develops and adds FBS offers, they will undoubtedly climb the ranks. Furthermore, as their junior and senior season films are evaluated, their film grade has the potential to change their overall rank as well.

With The Prototyp's ranking system, the rankings are updated weekly (Friday at 9:30PM EST) and have been created to be dynamic. With each FBS scholarship received, a prospect will see their ranking change. If a prospect grows 3 inches (and depending on position), they can see their ranking change. If a player shows us something on film in the middle of the season we have not see from them before, their ranking can change.

We are constantly tracking prospects as they grow and develop as players, something that can change on a dime. Thank you for those that have taken the time to check out our growing platform and please never hesitate to reach out with questions.