Often, the biggest moment in a high school athlete’s life is the moment when he commits to play football at the collegiate level. And, for most top recruits, this moment generally comes following their junior season and prior to the beginning of their senior season. On April 1st, Victor Jones Jr., one of the nation's top wide receivers, made this life/career defining decision by committing to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Jones currently ranks as the 66th-best WR in the Class of 2022 (according to The Prototyp).

One scroll through Jones’ Twitter feed and you will see the many doubters when it comes to his decision of committing to Nebraska. Many believe the current offensive system at Nebraska does not suit Jones’ abilities as a wide receiver best. After all, Jones had received 19 total Division I FBS scholarship offers as of his commitment date, so it stands to reason he could have chosen a program with a heavy emphasis on featuring their top wideouts.

However, the events of 2020 made it much more difficult for college football programs in general to recruit in their normal fashion, forcing them to completely alter their approach to recruiting. On the flip-side, athletes were also heavily affected. As we moved towards a more virtual world, recruiting did the same. And, due to this changing landscape, the communication and offers began to slow down for Jones, that is, with the exception of one school in particular.

Nebraska has been the one school that has been with Jones every step of the way and never wavered in their determination in landing Jones as one of their top recruits. That’s why it has meant so much to him that Nebraska, despite the recruiting difficulties, has always made it a priority to stay in contact and display their desire of having him play in Lincoln one day. They were transparent in sharing their plans for Jones in their offense and always kept him up-to-date with everything going on within the program. No other school throughout Jones' recruitment put that much time and effort into communicating and recruiting him as Nebraska. And, as Jones likes to point out, it wasn’t just one coach or recruiter from the staff reaching out, it was multiple.

Jones made sure not to take this decision lightly. He studied all of the teams that were interested in him from both the athletic and academic fronts. However, none of those schools shared their future plans for Jones quite like Nebraska did. In addition, the culture felt different and a place he felt comfortable with the relationships he continues to build.

As for the offensive plans, he is looking forward to being a big play guy in the Cornhusker offensive attack. Both he and the coaching staff feel that with his speed, athleticism, and elusiveness, paired with his great hands, ability to work vertically, and to gain yards after the catch, it will result in him being one of their top playmakers with the ball in his hands.

With the recruiting process now in the rearview, Jones trusts the plan God has laid out for him and trusts that he is making the correct decision by committing to Nebraska. He is motivated and eager to get there and showcase his abilities on a national stage for the doubters and believers. Jones has a tremendous amount of thanks for everyone that has worked with him over the years and shaped him into the person and athlete that he is today. But, before he embarks on the next chapter of his life, he has unfinished business at Olympia and one last ride with his childhood friends and teammates.

He is working hard this offseason to continue to improve and is currently running track and playing 7-on-7. Following a season in which he tallied over 700 yards and 14 touchdowns, Jones is looking forward to building upon the playoff push Olympia High School enjoyed last year. His senior season is now on the horizon and his goal of becoming a Division I wide receiver has been achieved. Now, he is set to enjoy his last ride as a Titan before he dons the scarlet and cream.