At The Prototyp, we have taken on the arduous task of ranking over 1,800 Class of 2022 prospects (to date) in an effort to identify, acknowledge, and promote those athletes to the best of our abilities. And with the 2020 season just around the corner,
it's time to get you acclimated to the nation's top defensive junior prospects as they ready for their first season as upperclassmen.

With that being said, the following list represents the best-of-the-best across the nation and make history as The Prototyp's inaugural All-American selections. The selected are not simply a regurgitation of our rankings, which take scholarship offers into account.
The following All-Americans are those that have displayed exceptional talent on film while, in some cases, made us believe their talent potential is of the special variety. Simply stated, these are the prospects we believe will be making a huge impact
for their respective teams this coming season and beyond.

Congratulations to all!

First Team Junior Preseason All-Americans

DT Keith Miles Jr | Jersey City, NJ
No. UR Overall (No. UR DT)

DT Travis Shaw | Greensboro, NC
No. 25 Overall (No. 1 DT)

DT Keithian Alexander | Dallas, TX
No. 41 Overall (No. 2 DT)

DT Curtis Neal | Cornelius, NC
No. 42 Overall (No. 3 DT)

DT Walter Nolen | Olive Branch, MS
No. 62 Overall (No. 4 DT)

DE Enai White | Philadelphia, PA
No. 17 Overall (No. 1 DE)

DE Shemar Stewart | Miami, FL
No. 21 Overall (No. 2 DE)

DE Richard Thomas Jr | Plantation, FL
No. 45 Overall (No. 4 DE)

DE Aaron Wilson | Ocoee, FL
No. 56 Overall (No. 7 DE)

LB Shawn Murphy | Manassas, VA
No. 3 Overall (No. 1 LB)

LB Jaylen Sneed | Hilton Head, SC
No. 44 Overall (No. 2 LB)

LB Jaishawn Barham | Hyattsville, MD
No. 51 Overall (No. 3 LB)

LB Cyrus Moss | Las Vegas, NV
No. 75 Overall (No. 5 LB)

CB Denver Harris | Houston, TX
No. 2 Overall (No. 1 CB)

CB Domani Jackson | Santa Ana, CA
No. 5 Overall (No. 2 CB)

CB Marquis Groves-Killebrew | Snellville, GA
No. 6 Overall (No. 3 CB)

CB Jaedyn Lukus | Mauldin, SC
No. 46 Overall (No. 5 CB)

S Kamari Wilson | Fort Pierce, FL
No. 8 Overall (No. 1 S)

S Cristian Driver | Argyle, TX
No. 9 Overall (No. 2 S)

S Dasan McCullough | Overland Park, KS
No. 14 Overall (No. 3 S)

S Bryce Anderson | Beaumont, TX
No. 26 Overall (No. 4 S)

Second Team Junior Preseason All-Americans

DT Caden Curry | Greenwood, IN
No. 123 Overall (No. 5 DT)

DT Dominick James | Prattville, AL
No. 144 Overall (No. 6 DT)

DT Tygee Hill | New Orleans, LA
No. 156 Overall (No. 9 DT)

DT Santana Hopper | Shelby, NC
No. 153 Overall (No. 8 DT)

DE Mykel Williams | Columbus, GA
No. 40 Overall (No. 3 DE)

DE Dani Dennis-Sutton | Owings Mills, MD
No. 52 Overall (No. 5 DE)

DE Malick Sylla | Katy, TX
No. 54 Overall (No. 6 DE)

DE Tyre West | Tifton, GA
No. 65 Overall (No. 9 DE)

LB TJ Dudley | Montgomery, AL
No. 60 Overall (No. 4 LB)

LB Gabe Powers | Marysville, OH
No. 79 Overall (No. 6 LB)

LB Wesley Bissainthe | Miami, FL
No. 122 Overall (No. 8 LB)

LB Niuafe Tuihalamaka | Mission Hills, CA
No. 127 Overall (No. 10 LB)

CB Jaheim Singletary | Jacksonville, FL
No. 39 Overall (No. 4 CB)

CB Earl Little Jr | Plantation, FL
No. 59 Overall (No. 6 CB)

CB Khamauri Rogers | Lexington, MS
No. 76 Overall (No. 8 CB)

CB Laterrance Welch | Lafayette, LA
No. 92 Overall (No. 10 CB)

S Isaac Thompson | St Louis, MO
No. 70 Overall (No. 5 S)

S Lando Hullaby | Arlington, TX
No. 83 Overall (No. 6 S)

S Jaron Willis | Leesburg, GA
No. 107 Overall (No. 7 S)

S Bryan Allen Jr | Aledo, TX
No. 112 Overall (No. 8 S)

Honorable Mention Junior Preseason All-Americans

DT Jamari Lyons | Viera, FL
No. 151 Overall (No. 7 DT)

DT Derrick Shepard | Kettering, OH
No. 190 Overall (No. 10 DT)

DT Brandon Cleveland | Seffner, FL
No. 247 Overall (No. 12 DT)

DT Amari Deason | Pearland, TX
No. 360 Overall (No. 19 DT)

DE Ernest Cooper IV | Arlington, TX
No. 57 Overall (No. 8 DE)

DE Khurtiss Perry | Montgomery, AL
No. 66 Overall (No. 10 DE)

DE Derrick Moore | Baltimore, MD
No. 78 Overall (No. 11 DE)

DE Jeremiah Alexander | Alabaster, AL
No. 161 Overall (No. 21 DE)

LB Harold Perkins | Cypress, TX
No. 125 Overall (No. 9 LB)

LB Jalon Walker | Salisbury, NC
No. 141 Overall (No. 12 LB)

LB Daniel Martin | Marietta, GA
No. 184 Overall (No. 16 LB)

LB Nyair Graham | Camden, NJ
No. 210 Overall (No. 19 LB)

CB Will Johnson | Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
No. 61 Overall (No. 7 CB)

CB Bobby Taylor | Katy, TX
No. 94 Overall (No. 11 CB)

CB Jyaire Brown | New Orleans, LA
No. 118 Overall (No. 12 CB)

CB Travis Hunter | Suwanee, GA
No. 149 Overall (No. 16 CB)

S Myles Rowser | Bradenton, FL
No. 115 Overall (No. 8 S)

S Markeith Williams | Orlando, FL
No. 137 Overall (No. 11 S)

S Chace Biddle | Garland, TX
No. 170 Overall (No. 14 S)

S Xavier Nwankpa | Pleasant Hill, IA
No. 183 Overall (No. 16 S)

Updated | July 22nd, 2020 at 10:54PM EST
Reason: Inclusion of newly ranked No. 1 DT Prospect Keith Miles Jr